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Developing local talent to professional standards.

Theatre Kimberley provides an annual program of professional development and skills sharing for local trainers and support regular classes and programs. This training provided by skilled local artists, many of them young people, or by visiting artists that have been contracted to work on larger programs that have training, mentoring and master-classes built in to their contracts.

Theatre Kimberley has been training and developing the skills of emerging and visiting trainers for several years. Trainers are required to have a sound understanding of the following:

•Arts Management (planning and budgeting arts projects)

•Occupational Health and Safety

•Legal and compliance

In addition they are required to have demonstrated experience and skills in:

•Delivering community cultural development workshops especially to young people

•An artform relevant to their contracted project

•Production and performance

•Working with Indigenous communities

By developing the skills with visiting and emerging trainers, Theatre Kimberley can deliver a sustainable program over many years. Highly skilled senior practitioners are contracted to run the Emerging Trainers’ Program which forms a large part of the skills development of theatre-based practitioners in the Kimberley, many of whom have little to no access to training opportunities in this area. The program is also necessary for the survival of Theatre Kimberley as there is a significant skills shortage of theatre practitioners, choreographers, production staff, trainers or riggers living in the region.

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