Act-Belong-Commit Theatre Kimberley Youth Program - Dragonfly Outreach

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Bringing Performance Arts training to the wider Kimberley region.

Since 2009, Theatre Kimberley has been delivering high quality theatre, circus and dance experiences to young people in remote locations, including towns and Aboriginal communities, across the Kimberley. Young people can learn creative skills from highly-skilled, qualified artists; develop a sense of place and wellbeing; and perform to wider audiences through touring.

What skills and experience do our participants gain from participating in Act-Belong-Commit Outreach?

  • Circus, Theatre (acting) and Dance skills
  • Storytelling through Theatre, Circus, Dance and Puppetry
  • Media skills - Animation and Film
  • Fun and socialising with friends
  • Arts management (planning & budgeting arts projects)
  • Delivering community workshops
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Public speaking and confidence
  • Production/performance (stage, costume, make-up)
  • Youth work and leadership
  • Teaching and mentoring skills

This Programmes Projects: