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Fitzroy Crossing Residency

Posted by Rachel Arianne Ogle

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Alonzo & Sete

Da Girlz!!!

There is an unquantifiable joy that comes with working on community, and Fitzroy Crossing certainly has a very special place in my heart. Returning again to see the familiar faces that little bit older, but no less enthusiastic or welcoming evokes an overwhelming visceral physical and emotional response. I never tire of hearing my name being called across the schoolyard, to be met with a huge smile and an enthusiastic wave when I turn to look in response, or seeing an excited smiling face running to meet me; of the tactile greetings, or the commitment and creation of unique dance moves within the class. These relationships are built and developed through the power of movement, trust, sharing and creativity, and result in an openness of expression that is humbling and inspiring.

The five weeks in Fitzroy Crossing were filled with many memorable moments that I will continue to carry with me well beyond the completion of the residency. From the awesome dancing, to the sheer athleticism at the sports carnivals, the beautiful and moving singing, the support of the staff, the breathtaking land, and above all the exceptional students themselves. We are privileged to see so much behind closed doors in the context of the workshop, so much which is often not shared in a more exposed environment. I was exceptionally proud to witness how this continued to grow on the night of the final performance, when the doors opened, and the students fearlessly committed to showing themselves through the work we have shared and created together, shining bright for all to see.

I will miss the students and Fitzroy Crossing, and look forward to returning again next time to pick up where we left off and continue to new heights!!

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