Revisiting, Recycling and Revamping for Worn Art 2020
Visiting artist Claudia Alessi reflects on Worn Art present and past

Posted by Claudia Alessi

Billie Girl, a souvenir of my first Worn Art.

Stilts performance during one of my first Worn Art shows.

Theropod footprints, another thing that makes Broome so special.

Hi Broome, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be returning to work on and assist with the upcoming production of Worn Art Revamped 2020. I’m looking forward to sitting in my special place to think, dream and continue being inspired. 

I first started working with the incredibly versatile and talented community of Broome for Worn Art under the direction of Gwen Knox in 2008. I returned home inspired and beguiled by the community and with a beautiful Dingo puppy (I came back for Billie Girl when she was 10 weeks old)— she’s now 12yrs old!

2008 became the first of many Worn Arts I worked on. The roles have varied from Choreographer and Movement Director to assistant to the Director, Consultant, Performer, Mechanist, and Assistant Stage manager. Sometimes separately and sometimes simultaneously!  

Looking back at a few photos from the early days remind me of the strengths of the community. The excellence in product and production, the enjoyment and shared pleasure of performing to the community and the overall aesthetic, vision and scale of production.

I’m still so captivated with how the concept of Worn Art being wearable and recycled art merges with visual arts, circus and performance art and fashion. The time spent on the construction of the garments and the way the entire community from children to adults make and perform the garments. A huge part of returning to the Broome for the production is to be a part of the community and regional engagement. This is so important and a vital aspect of the production. 2018 Worn Art Revamped and the young women from Bidyadanga was a definite highlight for me. Knowing the team had worked on country with these women who painted and sewed their dresses and came to Broome to perform with us was a logistical feat unto itself and a true highlight of the evening.

Theatre Kimberley works tirelessly to reinvent, inspire, create and produce incredibly inclusive and engaging programmes and projects. I admire the organisation for spending their small amount of funding in such a valuable and constructive way.

This year for Worn Art Revamped I have been consulting, dreaming and dramaturge with and for Director and Writer Lesley Marsh. She’s going back, people… way back to when Dinosaurs were walking on Broome. I’m thrilled by this, and thanks to Chris Hill’s local knowledge of them, I’ve seen and stood in their place too.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to sharing this production with you and how much I'm dreaming of beautiful Broome sunsets.    

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