Out of London and into the Rabble
Former Sandfly Crystal Stacey returns home just in time for the annual Sandfly show

Posted by Crystal Stacey

Crystal and Catherine take a break from bump-in on 'Circus Rabble.' to pose for the camera. Photo by Chris Hill

Straight off the plane from London and into ‘Circus Rabble ‘bump in! 

Although jetlagged, it was refreshing to be home. In time not just to watch the annual Sandfly Circus show but also to join the crew for this production and work behind the scenes. 

Last year I set off to study in Perth in my break between tours. I had a month to complete four consecutive rigging courses (Dogging, Basic Rigging, Intermediate Rigging and Advanced Rigging). I am very proud to say that it was a success, and I am now a certified advanced rigger. My reason behind getting qualified was to have another skill set to bring back to the Sandfly’s.

This dream came to fruition with the amazing inclusion and support of Meredith Bell in inviting me to be an assistant rigger with Catherine Daniel for this year’s production. This experience was incredible, I learnt so much more on my first day than in the 4-week mining-focused rigging course. Catherine and I rigged: 6 silks, 4 trapezes, 1 triple trapeze, a counterpoint line for an aerial trolley, a dance trapeze and a spinning web. 

It really is incredible to see how the crew can pull together. The family and community volunteers and the kids' commitment to weeks of rehearsals really makes a massive production that the whole town can rave about.

Watching and being hands-on behind the scenes was amazing, watching these local kids grow and excel every time I return, seeing their nerves ebb and flow away as they shine and deliver circus excellence with humour and grace. I was a very proud circus Aunt/Mother/Grandmother from the back and side of stage. 

Overall I feel very privileged and proud to be apart of Theatre Kimberley’s end of year festivities and look forward to being a part of those to come in the future. 

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