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Outreach Fitzroy Crossing 2013

Posted by Sete Tele

School graff outside the art room

look down when you next step on the roundabout

From the wintry climes of the South I journeyed up encountering a coolish residue in the warm-getting-warmer-much-warmer atmospherics of Fitzroy Crossing.

Day 1. Dancing with three classes of Yrs 1 & 2 then finished off the day with the Yrs 7 - 9 Emu group. A great start to the residency. Fast forward to five weeks later, the showcase, that included a song by Mary May and Shania, a guest appearance by the kindy/preprimary, a yoga solo by a Clontarf Football Academy faculty member Mr Mayhew, circus acts by various groups, dance numbers by all classes, guest appearance by Mr Nick, finishing off with a beautiful song by Mr Chris Aitken with the Yrs 3/4 … "Life is fantastic!"

Coming back to Fitzroy Crossing is fantastic! This is my third year Act-Belong-Commit Outreaching up here. Many many many thanks to the students, the staff, the families, the community for an experience that I will always treasure.

Memorable moments include the deadly grooves that every student has within them. These grooves are just bubbling below the surface waiting to erupt forth to shower the viewer with such hot dancing that the ground will just melt away. Fantastic!

An overwhelming sense of pride in the way the students overcame their shyness to put themselves forward as strong confident performers. Fantastic!

The support by the teachers, the families and the community. Fantastic!

I look forward to returning to Fitzroy Crossing, continuing the relationship, continuing the journey of growing together in our art form and across other forms of engagement. Fantastic!

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