Bayulu 2014
Act-Belong-Commit Dragonfly Outreach comes back to Bayulu

Posted by Ushan Boyd

Cissy Nugget and Catherine Daniels watch participants on the trapeze

Bayulu welcomes Theatre Kimberley for another year in August, 2014. Myself and Catherine Daniels attended the school for 2 weeks, during which we ran all day workshops at the school. Each class had us once a day. We revisited floor acro, mini-tramp, juggling and hooping and introduced aerial work with a static trapeze and silks.

Many of the participants loved the aerial work - being in turns both daunted and excited by the tricks up high. Some settled for scaling the silk and where very comfortable scuttling up and down the full height, while others preferred the trapeze bar, inversions and high tricks.

The school fit us neatly into their schedule. It was such a short project that Catherine and I decided to focus on skills more than "show" stuff. Circus skills were then showcased during an assembly that ran at the end of the 2 week period. This was attended by parents and the entire school.

On the last day, after all the rigging had been struck, we visited stop-motion animation with all the classes using the schools digital tablets. This gave the students another way of using the existing technology in the school. As predicted, some children loved it and dove in as far as they could in the time given.

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