Theatre Kimberley Updates

Show Time is Coming!

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 05-Aug-2021 :
In five weeks, the curtain will open on a brand new TK circus show, Silly Plonkers and the Dentist’s Facto.. Continue reading →

Updates from the Desert

by Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman
Posted on 09-Jun-2021 :
The Big Country Puppets project in Mulan Community began with a trip out to a small lake within a network .. Continue reading →

Bring on the Dry!

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 14-Apr-2021 :
The Dry Season is nearly here, and without mentioning the dreaded ‘C’ word of late, I think we can all agr.. Continue reading →

Starting the Year with a Splash

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 17-Feb-2021 :
With circus classes just starting back this week, it’s great to have some exciting circus visitors .. Continue reading →

Te Kore: A World Beyond

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 23-Dec-2020 :
2020 wraps up at last! Like everyone, all of us at TK hope for smoother sailing in 2021. But with the .. Continue reading →

Revisiting, Recycling and Revamping for Worn Art 2020

by Claudia Alessi
Posted on 28-Oct-2020 :
Hi Broome, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be returning to work on and assist with the upcoming produ.. Continue reading →

Finishing the Year with Fun & Flair

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 02-Sep-2020 :
It's all go! If you've read our Members & Subscribers letter or seen our social media lately, you'll k.. Continue reading →

Time to Start Again

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 08-Jul-2020 :
In spite of discouraging COVID news from Victoria and some places around the world, I am hopeful that at l.. Continue reading →

What's Good About a Global Pandemic?

by Meredith Benke Bell
Posted on 14-May-2020 :
Hello Friends, So much has changed since TK last published a newsletter two months ago. We had just we.. Continue reading →

Coming Home

by Rowan Thomas
Posted on 18-Mar-2020 :
My name is Rowan Thomas. I am a former Sandfly that ran away to circus school in Melbourne. I haven.. Continue reading →